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Business and Investment Structuring

"When we were looking to purchase the family business, we were unsure of the structure we should have. We met with Michael and he worked with us to figure out our business goals and financial needs and he also examined the history of the business.
With a clear view of our needs, and other influencing factors, Michael looked at the type of business, the business risks and also the cash flow and forecasted profitability. That allowed him to structure us in a way which allowed for a high level of flexibility and maximum access to cash whilst minimising tax.
We are extremely happy with the high level of service, knowledge and expertise."
- Adam and Olivia Rogan, Discount Glass

Your business is a valuable asset. That's why we will structure your investment to protect you from the risk of any personal loss. Through our advice, you'll also maximise cash flow and minimise your tax liabilities.

Some of the key things we can help you consider include:

  • asset protection;
  • income tax;
  • capital gains tax;
  • admitting new participants (and exit);
  • administration and costs;
  • access to profits;
  • establishment time frame;
  • whether there is a benefit in holding assets of the business in perpetual succession;
  • degree of control and management by the principal entrepreneur and/or family; and
  • ease or complexity of obtaining finance.

We will work through all that with you to ensure you have the right structure in place.

Are you ready to grow your business? Find out more about how the right business and investment structure can help you.