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Staff Value Program

"What better way to demonstrate that this program works than admitting that we use it ourselves!
Although we have a great team, our performance was once limited by inefficiencies in our procedures and some misunderstandings as to the roles of various positions. We were aware of the problems but unsure of how to fix them.
We implemented our Staff Value Program to define each role in the business and then met with our team to get their input into what the system problems were. Each employee received an individual booklet defining the expectations of their role and criteria for a new incentive package.
We saw improvements straight away, particularly in the areas of morale, commitment, systems, fewer mistakes and reduction in rework. There has also been the ability to formally clarify the career expectations of the team members so they can be matched to the opportunities of the business."
- Domenic Stramandinoli (Director), Nexis Accountants & Business Advisors
Staff are the backbone of businesses, but managing them can be a time consuming and overwhelming responsibility. Through our Staff Value Program, we will take care of the entire framework of your staff management and their performance.

The Staff Value Program is a proven, comprehensive and effective staff incentive program that we tailor to your business by marrying the goals and objectives of your business with those of each employee. By aligning your staff with your business targets, your staff gain a sense of ownership of the business, which results in improved motivation, increased output and improved business performance. Best of all, the program is self funded by the extra profits generated from your newly motivated staff!

Are you ready to get the most out of your staff? Find out more about how a Staff Valuation Program can help you.