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Succession and Transition Program

The truth is, your business will undergo a change of ownership at some stage. Working with us to develop succession or transition programs ensures that you have an exit strategy that aligns with your lifestyle and financial goals and maximises opportunities for both the seller and the buyer.

If and when you step away from your business, with a succession or transition program in place, you are able to leave on your terms, at a time of your choosing. This allows you to implement changes and engage with staff to give you the opportunity maximise the business value and the return on your hard work.

The Succession & Transition Program achieves 3 key outcomes:

1. To provide exiting owners with an effective sell down of equity, taking into account timing, price and lifestyle considerations

2. To provide new owners the opportunity to buy in to the business on a structured basis that minimises their risk whilst maximising their opportunities

3. Ensuring that the business transitions to its next phase in a seamless fashion

Prevention is the best cure and our 6 step process can help.