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I have more than 19 years’ experience delivering a vast range of taxation and business advisory services to my clients throughout Canberra and the surrounding region. I think building trust with my clients is an essential element of what I do as it allows us to work together to create strategies and programs that assist with maximising business value and accomplishing the goals we set.

I have a particular interest in IT and I'm always looking closely at how it can assist Nexis and our clients to improve productivity and profitability. I'm also active in the mobile app space and I have helped launch a number of apps, both in Australia and overseas. My involvement has provided some of our sophisticated investor clients with the opportunity to invest and provide seed funding for a number of global tech company launches.

I became a Chartered Accountant in 1998 and, on the back of a dynamic career, I co-founded Nexis in 2004 and recently advanced to a fellow in 2013. I have a deep understanding of numbers and the value drivers behind business success and I use that to educate and empower clients to make the right business decisions.

"I don’t see myself as an accountant so much as a trusted advisor for my clients. This means I don’t just see them once a year to prepare their financial accountants and tax returns. I really enjoy developing the deep level of trust that enables me to assist and advise my clients to achieve financial freedom."

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