Automated Efficiency: Our very own updates to Xero

Artificial intelligence, programming and automation are the buzzwords that have taken over the media space in recent years. The news stories tell us about whole industries disappearing due to automation of many tasks previously performed by humans and compare this effect to industrial revolution.


However, for many small business owners these stories seem to be something from a completely different world as they battle more daily tasks than ever before and seemingly have less time to complete them.


Our staff have been working hard on reviewing business processes of our clients and creating automation solutions that we are able to provide to our clients in many areas, including Xero, document management and web-based automation.


While software like Xero allows you to process a large number of transactions quickly, the flip side is the ability to make a large number of errors.  Correcting such errors in Xero could take a number of hours of manual clicking and redoing.


We now have the ability to write code to automate this process. We have had fantastic results and will continue to extend this initiative while researching other automation options for accounting and business processes.


To know more about how we can help you in your business, please contact the Nexis office on 6264 8000.

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