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There’s no question, budget and cash flow are critical to your success

By taking a collaborative approach – utilising your own knowledge of your business, together with the experience and expertise of our team and your financial institution – we can help broker the smartest finance deals for your business.

Nexis can help you create accurate budget projections which are a great way for you to focus on the future of your business and make proactive changes to maximise profitability.

Our budget and cash flow projections will ensure that you:

  • have enough cash to pay your expenses each month
  • are holding the correct stock levels
  • can identify the right time to grow your business
  • determine the optimal working capital requirements for your business.

Budget Projections

This is a projection of profit and loss taken from expected sales less the cost of running the business. This allows you to forecast and proactively adjust your plans and goals based on the expected profit of your business and create an accurate cash flow projection.

Cash Flow Projections

This illustrates income and payments in actual monetary terms – when income goes into your account and when (and if) you’re able to pay for purchases and liabilities. A cash flow projection allows you to identify the effect of debtors, creditors, debt repayments, stock, depreciation and private drawings on the cash position of the business in advance, putting you in the best possible position to make changes before it’s too late.

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