Meet Tom, our Client Relationships Manager

Meet Tom, our Client Relationships Manager

Meet Tom (or Tommy) Rowe our Client Service Manager

Tom has been with Nexis for 8 years come October this year. We asked Tom a few questions this month, to let you get to know him a little better. So what did we learn:

So what exactly is a Client Relationship Manager? Some of our clients seek straightforward advice but for those individuals, businesses or client groups, that need additional support or accounting and business advice due to the size or complexity of their portfolio, I step in. I support this select group of our valued clientele and also play an integral part in the superannuation fund client base at Nexis and the associated superannuation administration.

Best accounting or business tip you’ve learnt? Always seek professional advice and consider all options.

Last book Tom read: Chopper Read ‘Chopper: From the Inside’

What are you currently watching on Netflix? Brooklyn Nine-Nine

On your bucket list still to visit: Europe

Morning person or night owl? Night owl all the way








And finally, we know your favourite meal was Buffalo Wings in Santa Monica, but are you willing to share the location with the world?

Ok, but I share it only with you (and the rest of the world). It was a great place called West 4th and Jane

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