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Did you know we also help you measure business performance and forecast growth?

With a professional accountant and bookkeeper engaged a business can feel confident that their accounts are current and tax obligations are met each year but what can be lacking is advice on how to measure your performance and forecast your growth year on year and projected well into the future. That’s why at Nexis we combine our financial and accounting expertise with sound business advice to help you grow and anticipate changes in the market. Our tools and products help you identify the staffing, resources and infrastructure needed in the short and long term future for your business.

Nexis can help you with:

  • Budget projections of profit and loss taken from expected sales less the cost of running the business. This allows you to forecast and proactively adjust your plans and goals based on the expected profit of your business and create an accurate cash flow projection.
  • Cash flow projections illustrates income and payments in actual monetary terms – when income goes into your account and when (and if) you’re able to pay for purchases and liabilities. A cash flow projection allows you to identify the effect of debtors, creditors, debt repayments, stock, depreciation and private drawings on the cash position of the business in advance, putting you in the best possible position to make changes before it’s too late.
  • Performance reporting: Using Xero integrations and our in-house developer, we have built a range of customised reporting tools to help businesses see their performance data in real time and easy to understand format. We work with each business to identify their business goals, best strategies to measure their achievement against these goals and then develop automated reporting that they can run whenever they want. See Technology and Automation to find out about tools and integrations we use to help our business clients be more efficient.

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