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Your investment property accountants

Our team can help you understand the tax implications of buying an investment property. We have a team of property tax accountants across Canberra and Brisbane who can advise you on:

  • Buying a property with super
  • Rental returns
  • Capital growth
  • Steady investment
  • Tax advantages

We can educate you on the taxation implications, prepare reports to evaluate whether the property will be tax-effective, and evaluate how the property will impact your cash flow.

Through our referral network, we can connect you to professionals that can find new residential properties directly for you (predominantly in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne) and refer you to financial advisors for property. Our extensive referral network has been cultivated over many years so you can make the most informed decision possible.

The advantages of owning an investment property

Rental returns

Due to the short supply of quality properties, rental returns have increased significantly over the past few years and may provide cash flow to assist in wealth creation.

Capital growth

The capital gain in the property market over the past 25 years equates to an annual growth rate of 6.8% for houses and 5.9% for units (Source: CoreLogic). Capital gain is the additional income that you receive from selling assets such as stocks, real estate, or bonds.

Steady investment

With the right advice and a strong strategy, investing in property is relatively secure compared to other more volatile investments, e.g. shares.

Our accountants in Canberra and Brisbane can provide investment property tax advice, helping you have a financially secure future.

Tax advantages

There can be tax advantages that may assist in meeting your cash flow requirements so you can manage and maintain the financial health of your portfolio.

If you are keen to discuss an investment property further, please get in touch with our friendly team. We can arrange an appointment to discuss your needs.

Buying an investment property with super money

Buying a property with super money usually has little impact on personal finances or your borrowing capacity in the future. However, buying an investment property with your super can be very different to the traditional avenues. Some of these differences include:

Having a reasonable fund balance

When buying with super, the lending criteria are much stricter. This is generally approximately 40% of the investment property value at a minimum.

You need a self-managed super fund (SMSF)

In order to buy a property using super money, you must establish a SMSF.

You can learn more about SMSFs on our SMSF page.

You must have an appropriate trust structure in place

If you have to borrow to invest in property in your SMSF, a specific trust is required until the loan is repaid.

Our investment property advisors and accountants at Nexis can provide you with the appropriate advice to ensure that you comply with all necessary legal standards and get the most out of your investments.

Need a depreciation schedule?

If you already have an investment property, you may be able to maximise your rental property deductions in your tax return by having a depreciation schedule prepared. We have partnered with some of the best quantity surveyors in the industry that can prepare a detailed depreciation schedule for you, so get in touch today. The cost of preparing this schedule is tax-deductible.

Reach out to one of our investment property tax accountants to discuss your depreciation schedule.

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