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Nexis Accountants and Business Advisors are qualified professionals in preparing individual tax returns.

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Tailored and quality advice for your individual taxation needs

Nexis is your link to growth when it comes to maximising your tax return. Our tax accountants at Nexis are qualified professionals in preparing individual tax returns. We are highly experienced and understand your needs to provide the best advice regarding your tax affairs. With years of experience providing tax help to our clients, our tax advisors are well-equipped to assist you with lodging to maximise your tax savings.

We have a dynamic team that can assist any individual who needs a tax accountant in Canberra and Brisbane.

What tax advice and help our tax agents can provide to individuals

  • Negative gearing advice and tax impact analysis for investment properties
  • Pay As You Go Withholding (PAYGW) Variation. PAYGW variation include varying the amount of tax taken from your pay to assist in meeting your property’s cashflow requirements
  • Advice on redundancy and the effect on your tax
  • Managing any tax-related matters and communication with the Australian Tax Office
  • Advice on salary packaging so you can maximise your tax savings
  • Ensuring that your self-managed super fund (SMSF) complies with laws and rules to minimise tax rates and other SMSF-related tax inquiries
  • Audit shield and tax audit insurance advice.

What sets Nexis apart as trusted tax advisors

We are specialists in our field. We continuously keep up to date with any changes in any legislation and share this information with our clients through our monthly e-newsletter, blog and social media pages.

We are current on any new tax deductions you may be entitled to claim, and can help you understand tax laws and how they apply to you. We can help maximise your tax refund because we understand the tax implications to your assessable income.

Our dedicated team comprises Registered Tax Agents and Chartered Accountants who can explain the composition of your tax return and assessment.

Our secure online portal allows you to work with us regarding your tax return securely from anywhere in the world, removing the need for you to come to our office and reducing our environmental impact.

We are also available year-round to answer your taxation queries – not just at tax time or the end of the financial year.

Foreign income tax offset

Are you employed by an international company or work part of your time overseas? If so, foreign income tax rules may apply to you. These rules apply to any Australian who works internationally or receives income from foreign sources to avoid individuals getting double-taxed.

Come in to see one of our Tax Accountants for individuals for tax advice when dealing with foreign income.

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