Business Growth & Succession

How do you grow your business? When is the best time to put growth strategies in place and how do you market it? Have you thought about future investments and succession planning?


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Business loans and investing

Understand tax obligations and cash flow implications of your finance options

Growing your business often means obtaining finance through business loans and investments.

As Nexis has your accountant and business advisor under one roof, we can structure your investment to protect you by minimising the risk of personal loss. With our help, you can maximise cash flow and minimise your tax liabilities such as small business asset write-offs.

Our skilled accountants and business advisers in Brisbane and Canberra can help you understand the tax obligations and cash flow implications with various types of finances.

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Before sourcing a business loan or investment, we can assist you to determine:

  • How much finance you will need
  • Changes to your business plan
  • The timeframe you will need to repay the loan
  • Your ability to repay the loan

The two types of finance

Debt finance

Money borrowed from external lenders such as a bank, store credit, trade credit, etc.

Equity finance

Investing your own money, or funds from stakeholders, in exchange for partial ownership such as venture capitalists, private investors, crowdfunding, government grants, etc.

Our network of trusted Canberra and Brisbane-based accounting and business advisory professionals will be able to provide you with advice about the best option for your business. Get in touch with the right people to provide advice and accounting for business loans so your business can grow and succeed.

Business Valuations

Know your true value

We understand the value of your business is important to you, and we can work with you to make it even more valuable. One of our talented business valuation accountants can assist in explaining how to maximise your business’ value. We can establish the true value of your business, helping to increase your wealth to enhance and benefit your lifestyle.

Why get a business valuation?

Some reasons to get your business valued include:

  • Partnership dissolution
  • Family settlements
  • Buying a business
  • Selling your business
  • Business planning
  • Ownership changes
  • Taxation purposes
  • Situation changes
  • Succession and estate planning

Business valuation assessment

Our business valuation assessment process varies according to the size and nature of your business or company. In general, it follows a five step process that assesses:

  • The strength of the business’s various value drivers
  • Exposure the business has to various risks
  • The ability of the business to access its surplus cash
  • ‘External’ factors such as interest rates and tax rates

Nexis Valuation Process

  1. Interview with you, the owner/s of the business
    The purpose of this is to establish the reason for the valuation and to advise the client of the most appropriate approach and methods required to achieve the best results.
  2. Business Interview
    After a full investigation, an understanding of the business is formed. This is where financial statements and other relevant documents and data are gathered.
  3. Analysing Data Collecting
    Establish the level of profitability and observe internal and external influences and levels of risk associated with the business.
  4. Determine the Value of the Business
    Based on all financial and operational information collected, and utilising several appropriate valuation methods, an accurate business valuation is established.
  5. Production of the Business Valuation Assessment Report
    You receive a report outlining processes, assumptions and justifications for the business valuation in line with relevant accounting standards.

For more information or to discuss your business valuation, get in touch with our experts to make an appointment.

Succession Planning

Planning the future of your business with no surprises

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that when the time comes, your exit strategy is effective and as smooth as possible. This can present itself in multiple ways such as retirement, selling your business, or passing the responsibility of the business onto a family member or business partner.

At Nexis, we work with you to develop business succession and transition programs in Brisbane and Canberra to ensure that you have the best exit strategy if and when you need it.

The benefits of succession planning

  • It helps you formulate an exit strategy that best aligns with your lifestyle and financial goals
  • It maximises opportunities for both the buyer and the seller
  • You can step away from your business on YOUR terms, at a time of your choosing

Experience the key outcomes of a succession and transition program

We strive to achieve three key outcomes in every succession and transition plan:

  • Provide you with an effective sell-down of equity, taking into account timing, price and lifestyle considerations
  • Offer new owners the opportunity to buy into the business on a structured basis that minimises their risk whilst maximising their opportunities
  • Ensure that your business transitions into its next phase in a seamless fashion

Our process in 6 steps

1. Assess the current value of the business by conducting a Business Valuation Assessment

2. Educate the current business owner about what is involved in transitioning ownership

3. Document your vision and details of the process, likely timelines, and the involvement required from current and future owners by developing a Business Life Plan

4. Develop the business transition strategy, including considerations such as:

  • Agreeing on the price and business value methodology
  • The timing of equity sell down
  • Funding of buy-in
  • Jointly assessing the business’ SWOT
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Structuring remuneration and incentives
  • Finalising the business model
  • Agreeing on the growth strategy
  • Governance and compliance structures
  • Defining terms of shareholder agreements and other documents
  • Setting Goals and action plans

5. Offer or assist in obtaining tax, legal and estate planning advice

6. Provide ongoing support

It is always important to plan for your future and the future of your business. Future-proof your business with a succession and transition planning workshop with one of our trusted professionals.

We offer succession plans and business transition planning for businesses in Queensland and the ACT. Get in touch to find out what the future can hold for you and your business.

Business Improvement Plan

Strategic Planning For Your Business

It’s common for businesses to struggle with the next phase of growth because they don’t know where to streamline, or are stuck on where to improve. It’s important to develop and implement a business improvement plan so you can continue to grow your business.

Our business advisors in Brisbane and Canberra can help you with the development of your business plan. We work with you to identify the root cause of stalled growth and address the problem. To do this, we look at your whole business, not just the numbers.

Our Business Improvement Plan is a unique advisory service we offer to small, small to medium enterprises (SME), and multi-owner businesses to de-risk and enable them to run better businesses.

What is a Business Improvement Plan?

With thorough analysis, a Risk and Value Driver Assessment, a business SWOT analysis, and a workshop, we identify key business risk areas and where your value drivers are. This is delivered to you in a report with agreed action items to protect your business from the impact of key internal and external risks. By implementing these action items, you can improve your business’ performance, and ultimately grow its value.

Having access to real-time, accurate financial information and being able to benchmark your business is an integral component of improvement planning.

The improvement strategies and action items section of your report will list various actions you have identified to address and resolve your key concerns.


What’s included in my Business Improvement Plan?

1. Business Analysis and Workshop

A key outcome of this stage is to create a shared vision to improve the performance of your business.

We start with a Business Risk Diagnostic Survey which results in a scorecard that identifies the types of risk in your business.

Then a comprehensive review of qualitative risk and value drivers that affect your business performance is conducted. This includes:

  • Industry trends
  • Benchmarks and KPIs
  • Growth, risks and competition
  • Systems and technology
  • Ownership, staff and customers
  • Value and value gap
  • Finance
  • Succession/estate planning

In a face-to-face, two to three hour workshop, we will work together to prepare a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis of your business and agree on the business improvement strategies tailored for your business.

2. Business Improvement Plan

On completion of stage 1, we develop a detailed Business Improvement Plan. This includes:

  1. Summary of key points and outcomes of your Risk Diagnostic Survey and a workshop
  2. A Risk and Value Driver Benchmarking Analysis
    Your SWOT analysis so you understand more about the whole of your business including internal and external factors
  3. Industry benchmarking information with risk scores and improvement planning KPIs to help improve your business performance
  4. Business improvement goals and strategies, and action plan to be implemented so you can grow your business

3. Implementation

Once we have worked together to develop a business strategy and Business Improvement Plan that aligns with your business goals, it’s time to implement the plan and grow your business.

The initial support required is often business planning, but the advice and support provided by our trusted advisers go well beyond looking at the numbers and into business growth, long-term goals, managing risk, and improving processes.

Support to improve your business

We can help you to set goals that focus on the action items in the Business Improvement Plan and achieve desired outcomes.

  • Tailored support
    Nexis offers tailored support so you can successfully implement your Business Improvement Plan through the following services:
  • Management Accounting
    Ideal for small businesses and SMEs, we can help with accurate financial reporting for your business.
  • Business Planning and Mentoring
    Our small business clients benefit from our business planning services.
  • CFO Service
    Nexis can manage and advise on your profit and cash flow with our CFO service. Perfect for our SME clients, you can use us as an outsourced CFO.
  • Advisory Board
    Medium-sized businesses benefit from our board of advice program, which helps you grow and transition the value of your business.

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