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At Nexis, we hire and grow the very best talent to share our success and achieve our vision together

Our vision is to be a leading mid-tier accounting brand by reputation with clients, employees, and in the markets and communities where we operate and live

Working at Nexis means doing quality work for quality clients alongside a team of great people.

It means working in a values-led, high-performance culture as part of a supportive team.

It means growing your career, and helping our clients grow too.

It means bringing to life our vision to be a leading mid-tier accounting and advisory brand by reputation – as judged by our stakeholders, clients and people.

We achieve this with people like you serving clients with smart and efficient accounting, bookkeeping and business advisory services backed by outstanding administrative support.

We also know success means different things to different people, so you might be driven to climb the career ladder, specialise in a particular area of accounting, expand your skill set or more.

At Nexis, we have success for everyone to share and your success is our success.

We are always seeking talent both for today and for the future. So, if you want to be the best you can be and do your best work with great people then join us and find out how we can be your link to career growth.

Kelsey Plumb
Adam Douglass and Victoria Chan

We’re values-led. Here’s what we mean

At Nexis, our values are not just words. Each of our core values drives the way we reward and service our clients and each other.

High-performance culture

  • We are a one-team culture where continuous learning and feedback are encouraged and valued
  • Through energetic change-friendly leadership, our people are empowered to be engaged employees
  • We’re open to change and being the best we can be – because that’s how we grow together
  • We are uncompromising on the quality of our work. We ensure we deliver compliant work on time, every time
  • We are a meritocracy where our team can achieve a bonus based on their performance
  • We provide high-quality director-led training and real career development opportunities
  • We work towards a common goal to always improve and maintain the highest ethical and professional standards.

Continuous improvement

      • We acknowledge and praise the work of others in our organisation
      • We use evidence-based data to deliver continuous feedback and support our people to act on it – our mindset is that we celebrate successes, learn from mistakes, and use both as learning opportunities
      • We are committed to using the right tools to help us grow and improve. This applies to individual learning and development, teamwork, and how we deliver our services to clients and each other
      • We strive towards outstanding technical capability and a commitment to quality in everything
      • It’s part of how we encourage our people in their professional development
      • We fuel the ambitions and goals of our people, professionally and in their away from work lives
      • We actively support personal wellbeing and development

Inclusive and supportive

  • There is a culture of trust and support, from the top down
  • We ensure our team walks into a great and supportive workplace from day one and every day
  • The leadership team leads by example. There is no hierarchical or authoritarian approach. Nexis is a true meritocracy where we put effort into training and mentoring our team
  • We’ve built a sense of community, with our team and our clients. Our team feel it, and our leadership team speaks to that
  • We have an exciting inclusive and accepting environment to be part of

    Excellent work with great people

    • We get to know our clients. We get to know each other. We are relationship based
    • A significant number of our clients have been with us for many years. This speaks to the quality of our work and service delivery
    • We’re self-motivated and quality-driven people who believe in going the extra mile. Our clients not only recognise this but appreciate the work we do by referring our services to others
    • We’re a rapidly growing firm maintaining our supportive cultural glue throughout the growth journey

      The Directors are totally approachable. You know through their interactions with everyone that they have a lot of respect for (and trust in) their team. Their faith in you helps you grow. They also want to help with your professional development – they recognise that your growth is also helping the business.
      – Jacklyn, Assistant Manager and Accountant

      Find your fit at Nexis

      The people who thrive at Nexis have some similar characteristics:

      • Real world practical people who are technically excellent in their specialty
      • Collaborative and enjoy working towards individual and common goal
      • Their values align with our values
      • Driven by service excellence – internally and with all other stakeholders


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      Here’s what our team say

      Don’t just take our word for it – just reach out and ask any of our team members. We’re humbled by what our people have to say about us.

      Nexis provides opportunities for people to grow. They really invest in your career development. They’re open to hear about new or better ways of doing things.
      – Kelsey, Practice Delivery Manager

      I enjoy getting to know my clients’ businesses. From a management accounting perspective, it’s great to see the impact we can have, and how we can help grow their business for the better.
      – Jacklyn, Assistant Manager and Accountant

      People rely on me to help them. Whether it’s the team or clients, they look to me to make things really simple for them. For clients, it’s about translating compliance legislation into plain language, or for a team member, it may be helping them solve an accounting challenge. It’s really rewarding work.
      – Tom, Manager

      It’s great to be in a place that has a positive working environment. You can tell that people enjoy being here. I get to work across a number of clients and team members. It’s a good way to connect with both the community and the people here.
      – Jacinta, Executive Assistant

      Learn more about a career and life at Nexis

      Tom’s career with Nexis

      I’ve been with Nexis for over 12 years now. When I started I was a Junior Accountant and I’m now part of the leadership team, managing a team of four Accountants.

      Nexis is going through a period of change and growth. It’s been exciting to see the opportunities this gives our team, and the chances to develop their individual skills and capabilities.

      The great thing about joining the team is that we just want you to succeed – we’re all here to help and support you.

      Kelsey’s career with Nexis

      I work on exciting projects that help improve and manage procedures, deadlines, and workflow. Once it’s all done it will be a real personal and professional achievement, I’ll be very proud of. It will help with process improvements and make our work more efficient.

      My growth in the firm shows that there is a massive opportunity to expand your experience, whether you’re an accountant, bookkeeper or receptionist. The firm has been supportive of my career aspirations, and I enjoy the satisfaction of a job done well.

      The people who work here are the best thing about my job. It feels like a functional family, it’s a close but respectful environment where everyone is friendly and welcoming.

      Jacklyn’s career with Nexis

      I’ve been with Nexis for over five years. I started as an intern back in Year 12 and then worked with the firm all through my university degree. Nexis supported me through the Chartered Accountants Program. I have progressed from Graduate Accountant to Assistant Manager and Accountant.

      I enjoy coming to work every day. It’s a relaxed culture, and every day is different. We’re a smaller firm, so you have a lot of direct contact with clients. It’s rewarding and varied work.

      Jacinta’s career with Nexis

      I’m an Executive Assistant to Michael, who leads the Brisbane team, and while I haven’t been here long, it’s a refreshing change from previous workplaces. It’s nice to come into an organisation where there’s a more personal approach. I’m involved in the business in a holistic sense – I work with clients as well as team members.

      I’m excited to be involved in growing the Brisbane business and team. It’s fantastic being part of something, and seeing the executive team have a positive impact on the community.

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