Meet Fiona

Sep 6, 2019 | Staff

Joining us in 2018, Fiona came with substantial experience and expertise. As our Bookkeeping Manager, Fiona manages our talented team of bookkeepers. She ensures that our bookkeeping clients are well cared for in areas including payroll, account reconciliation, accounts receivable, accounts payable, taxable annual payment report, payment summaries, business activity statements and everyday processing. She partners with our valued bookkeeping clients in evaluating their books and relevant decision making, to not only improve how accurately they manage their financial records but also to develop meaningful yet easy to understand reports and provide clear insight into potential financial issues; that may be otherwise flying under the radar for these clients.

Her world also doesn’t end with Nexis, Fiona is an avid fan of outdoor activities and enjoying time with her family. We spoke with Fiona to learn more about what her home realm looks like…


If you could be any animal, which would you be and why?

One of the Queen’s corgis. Those dogs will always be well taken care of and pampered. That sounds like a pretty good “next-life” goal.


What are you passionate about?

I love all things family, travelling and camping related, away from the office. I’m also passionate about “letting them eat cake,” being an avid cake decorator at home!


What’s your best accounting or business tip?

Always ask questions and seek advice early. It always saves time in the long run.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Suggesting (and then doing), a massive 8-day hike from the Cradle Mountains to Lake St. Claire. Why is that crazy? It was how we spent our honeymoon!


What are you currently watching?

We’ve had a few favourite shows at the moment, including Tudors, Billions, Elementary and The Loudest Voice.

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