ACT Government Vouchers – Are you eligible?

Dec 8, 2020 | For Business, Tax

After a similar announcement in NSW for $25 vouchers (and a similar scheme in Darwin); the ACT government has announced a stimulus package for local businesses.

There will be an initial trial which will commence Wednesday 9 December 2020. This project gives participating Canberrans $40 per day in vouchers. The total budget allocated to this project is estimated to be $2.5M.

Guidelines for those wishing to take advantage of these vouchers

There are limits on individuals using the vouchers within the same business and the vouchers:

  • will be issued online and expire daily
  • generally allow for 20% off the total bill (up to $80 to be paid by ACT Government), and
  • cannot be used on tobacco, gambling or alcohol.

Conditions for businesses who wish to participate

To be part of the scheme, the business must:

  • be registered
  • have a physical shopfront
  • have been receiving JobKeeper at some point this year
  • be in the retail, tourism, accommodation, arts, recreation, personal services, or hospitality industries; and
  • have less than $10M annual turnover.

So how do I sign up?

For further details and sign-up click here:


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