How You Can Help Reduce Your Fees

Help us help you

Some tips on how to keep your fees as low as possible

Get data and paperwork to us on time

Any Fixed Fee arrangement comes with risks when the data we need is provided to us late.

This is because the Fee is calculated based on our people being available to service your work at the right time.

If we cannot do your work until later because you have missed deadlines, we can pay up to 100% more for the resources to do it. In turn, this can impact fee negotiations into the next year.

Did you also know that…

No matter how good and dedicated your accountants are they cannot guarantee late lodgement will be accepted for an extension.

    • Late lodgement is always risky, regardless of how experienced your accountant is.
    • This could lead to fines and interest payments or even ATO audit investigations.
    • Help us help yourself by getting your documents to us on time, every time!

Nexis can share savings with you.

    • We take the time to learn about you as a client in our first year working together, and this pays off from the second year onwards, with most clients seeing increased profit from here on.
    • If you provide your data to us on time, we will save money and can share those savings with you via a fee reduced from what it would have been the next time your fee is up for negotiation.

Attending Nexis Webinars is a terrific way to get informed about tax and accounting issues that are relevant to you.

    • Click here to see our current and previous webinars.

Ultimately, the best way to work with us and maintain a good working relationship includes:

  • Maintain accurate and complete records
  • Deliver records on time, every time
  • Tidy up what you bring us

Please help us to help you and please do the right thing and reduce any fee rises.

Any further questions . . .?

Read more about how to get the most out of your relationship with your accountant, or please contact your Nexis Account Manager