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Profit Plus

"We are a long-time client of Nexis and during 2010 we spoke to them about what we thought was a debtors issue in our business. Our cash flow was not where it should have been given the amount of work that we had on. We just weren't seeing the money in the bank. Nexis helped us by looking at our financial position and running the Profit Plus program on us.
They identified that the cause of the problem wasn’t that our money was tied up in debtors, but instead that profit had dropped off due to increasing costs of running the business. With that knowledge, Nexis helped us formulate a plan to renegotiate our rates with our large commercial clients. This was a successful exercise with the majority of them agreeing to an increase. Less than six months later, Complete Electrical returned to strong profitability and cash flow."
- Bruce Brownlie, Complete Electrical

Financial statements can be hard to decipher. Our Profit Plus service turns complex financial statements into simple English and diagrams that are easy to understand. By doing that, you are fully informed and understand what the key drivers of your business are. You will be filled with confidence that you know what is going on financially in your business as you will also have a deep understanding of the financial impacts of every decision you make in your business.

Profit plus will provide instant answers to complex questions such as:

  • What if my sales improved by 10% or more?
  • How could I make my sales increase by 10%?
  • What are the key value drivers of cash flow in my business?
  • What is the financial impact on cash flow if l increase my volume or increase my pricing?
  • How can I improve my cash flow overall in my business?
  • I How much would my productivity increase if l purchased this machinery?

Are you ready to truly understand those complex financial statements? Find out more about how Profit Plus can help you.