Meet Haylee from the Nexis Team

Here at Nexis, we provide more than your typical accountant; we are also business advisors. We provide holistic and proactive solutions, contributing to how you do business and steering you to achieve your goals.

Haylee Snowdon joined the Nexis team in November last year as our Business Operations Manager. With a strong background in management and human resources in both the private and public sectors, Haylee has been assisting a number of our clients in the areas of recruitment, induction and succession planning. Simplifying the hurdles of recruitment, Haylee has been writing job advertisements, shortlisting candidates and developing tailored interview questions to ensure these clients get the right fit for the role and for their business. As any business owner knows, while finding the right fit for a role is a challenge, it is merely the beginning. Haylee has then been developing induction timelines that not only integrate into the business’ overall plan but also set clear expectations and milestones to ensure success.

Haylee is a member of the Australian Institute of Human Resources and is currently completing her post graduate studies in Human Resources.

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