Have you forgotten why reporting is crucial for small business?

Adapted from article originally published by Artur Durbanov.

Reporting and small business are words that don’t always go together.  Reporting is often associated with compliance and extra work when there is no extra time. A lot of the reports that are routinely prepared raise more questions than they answer – ‘Financials show profit but where is the cash?’, ‘Why are sales up but the profit is down?’.

Xero has made several important changes to the reporting engine and now allows us to create customised templates that will allow to report on key performance indicators relevant for your business. We can create an executive summary package that will give you a snapshot of what you need to know in one concise and great looking reports. Our reports make sense to you and quickly help you to identify areas of business growth and escalating expenses on a more regular basis, instead of waiting until the end of financial year when it’s too late.

Each business is as unique as its owners and our reports are customised to be meaningful, automated and provide only the information that you need to know. Expense creep on computer hardware or stationery can be seen in real time and imagine a report that summarises what you need and not a 20 page report that shows you so much detail that you give up on page 1. 

Whether you need to report to a board of directors or need a quick report for your Friday afternoon review, call us to see what report templates we can create for you.

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