We all have that friend that is always late. Late to meetings, their wedding and hasn’t done their tax since 2015. We can help.

So we can’t improve time management skills but we can sort out overdue tax returns. As tax time rolls around this year, it is the perfect time to finally address overdue lodgements from previous years and we will help you clean them up. We have years of experience in negotiating these matters with the ATO and can help you significantly reduce or eliminate penalties associated with late tax returns.

We have a number of new clients that come to us each year who are in the same situation. They often:

  • don’t know where to start
  • are concerned they’ll get in trouble when they finally do submit their tax returns
  • not sure how to fill in part of the return so put it in the too hard basket for another day (that turned into years)
  • don’t want to admit to anyone they haven’t done it (my girlfriend has no idea!)
  • have simple reasons why they haven’t done a tax return for years.

But all have one thing in common, they have avoided doing anything about it.

There is good news.

Often people with overdue returns actually get refunds and if you do end up with a debt, Nexis can negotiate on your behalf with the ATO to set up a payment plan. For good reasons, debts can sometimes even be reversed.  

Refer this on to your ‘late friend’, or if we are talking about you, call us for a confidential conversation today.  

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