Drowning in emails? We can help with that

Drowning in emails? We can help with that

How many emails are in your inbox? Did you know that everyone at Nexis maintains an average well below 100 emails every day? Its actually become a friendly competition in the office to see who has the lowest and our Directors are some of our best.

Having a large amount of emails in your inbox, both read and unread, can have an impact on your stress levels, your ability to manage your time effectively and your work productivity and efficiency. We didn’t want our staff to feel like that, so we did something about it.

Take a good look at your inbox now and see where you’re at…does the blue number next to Inbox make your eye start twitching? We are here to help.

As part of Nexis Business Advisory services, we’ve released our internal Effective Email Management training to clients – a half hour training session to help clean up your inbox and maintain it for the long term.

Based on the principles from David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done, our sessions work with the 4 D’s model of effective time management – that’s Do, Delete, Defer or Delegate.

We recently tested out our practices with one of our clients, Threesides Marketing.  Their team of 12 staff had a combined total of over 45,000 emails in their inboxes. Now this is not in any way saying that their team is not reading emails, however their management team realised something had to give to enable happier people.

To start, we put their senior manager and business owner, Rachel Wright, through the training first to show the team that it works. After just 30 minutes coaching, followed by an hour of practice employing the strategies independently, she reduced her inbox from 6,500 emails to just 35.  And weeks later is still maintaining average of 30 emails most days in her inbox. Our session helps you establish email rules, delegate emails to others, determine the best folders set up and help you on your way to better productivity in no time.

If you’re interested in how Effective Email Management training can help your business, chat with our Business Operations Manager, Haylee Snowdon today on Ph: (02) 6264 8000 or email haylee@nexis.net.au

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