Meet Nexis Accountant, Leo Liu

Meet Nexis Accountant, Leo Liu

There’s no doubt about it, accountants are always needed for both individuals and businesses. It’s a specialist career that takes a lot of knowledge, and continued growth in relevant subject matter, to thrive in. One of our accountants, Leo Liu, is certainly thriving with Nexis.

Through his accounting and Xero support for our clients, Leo always plays it safe and does everything by the book, but a closer look at Leo tells us he’s a little more daring on the inside.

When asked who he would like to swap places with for a day, Leo says it’s definitely James Bond because he can save the world with only a few minor wounds. And with a clue in his name, he says if he could be any animal it would definitely be a lion. For the obvious reasons of being strong and brave, but also because lions live together with their families and they support and help each other – and family is something that Leo holds dear.

Leo says his favourite family tradition is making dumplings together before a family member is going to take a long trip. Which may be Leo one day if he ever gets to go to his dream destination of Antarctica.

Because at Nexis we enjoy contributing to the development of our staff, Leo has recently been promoted from the role of a bookkeeper to an accountant. The best accounting advice Leo gives Nexis’ clients is to regularly do your books. He suggests that business owners keep their books up to date at least monthly because it’s much easier to process and reconcile transactions when your memory is still fresh. Leo says it’s also a great idea because it helps you understand your business better, manage your cash flow more efficiently, and to identify any potential issues much earlier.

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