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Xero – Beautiful Accounting Software

Xero is an easy to use online accounting system that gives you access to your financial information anytime. This software has been designed from the ground up with small to medium business in mind.
Xero also makes keeping on top of accounts payable easy. You can:
  • see all your outstanding invoices at a glance;
  • set up repeating payables invoices for regular suppliers;
  • enter receipts for your expense claims as you collect them, or all in one go; and
  • approve or decline each receipt in a submitted expense claim, allowing for the entire expense claim to then be authorised.
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Xero is not only an accounting product, it is a central platform to enable you to change the way you do business and get back to the reasons why you went into business in the first place!

We use it ourselves and we love it! So come join us in discovering a whole different world of not only accounting, but a way of doing business!

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Why choose Xero?

Xero is online accounting software which allows you to run your business and access your accounts from work, home or on the go.

Xero allows you to run your business and access your accounts on the go from your Mac, PC, Tablet or phone. Invite your accounting professional to view your accounts and provide valuable real-time advice. Your data is completely secure even if your computer is lost or stolen.

Reasons to love Xero…
  • Xero allows you to monitor financial performance in real-time - so you always know the state of your cash flow.
  • Xero is web-based so you can work where you want, when you want. Xero lets you do your accounting at home, out of the office or overseas. You have 24/7 access from any internet connection in the world - PC, Mac, iPhone, IPad, BlackBerry or other Windows mobile and Android devices.
  • Xero requires no installation, manual backups, maintenance or additional software. All updates and new features are available to you when you next login.
  • Xero stores your data on its secure servers, where it is continually backed up. This means the privacy and security of your data is taken care of, even if your computer is lost or stolen, your data is safe.
  • Xero automatically imports your bank statements daily so you can keep abreast of your cash flow. There are a full suite of accounting features such as invoicing, payables, expense claims, GST, reporting and much more.
  • Xero lets you share information online and collaborate with trusted advisors, such as your accountant. You can invite a number of trusted people such as, your accountant, to collaborate online. No more cumbersome transfer of data that can be corrupted or is out of date.
  • Xero allows you to easily switch your data from another accounting system and get set up.
  • Xero allows for superannuation payments and tax updates to happen automatically. You can also schedule regular pay runs and create bank files automatically, with a full history for you to audit whenever you want. Furthermore, you will never have to pay for tax table upgrades again, as Xero automatically updates your tax tables every year.
  • Xero also provides a complete picture of your payroll, with access to leave management and the employee portal. Employees can be provided access to process their timesheets, view payslips and apply for leave without seeing the rest of the business financials. You control who has access to what information.