Xero adds GoCardless and PayStand integration to assist small businesses

Xero adds GoCardless and PayStand integration to assist small businesses

Good news if you’re a small business needing to receive payments from your customers via direct debit. Xero has recently announced GoCardless integration for its Australian users.

And the best bit? This eliminates the need to chase your unpaid invoices and can also improve the accuracy of your cashflow forecasting.

The Xero integration with GoCardless triggers the debit on the due date of an invoice, and then the invoice is automatically marked as paid within Xero. Connecting a user’s GoCardless and Xero accounts is a simple process with no additional configuration required.

Xero says by working with GoCardless and making more payment options available, it is helping small business to be as efficient as big business.

One small business pleased with the new GoCardless integration is one of our clients, Threesides Marketing.

Business owner, Rachel Wright says, “We have been waiting for GoCardless to arrive for Australian business owners so that we can more easily set up direct debit arrangements with our regular clients within Xero.

“We went down the path of direct debit with our bank (one of the big five!) and their system and processes were so archaic that we gave up. Doing it all within the existing Xero framework will save us so much time and improve our cashflow,” Rachel continued.

For business to business transactions, you may also be pleased to know Xero has just announced integration with PayStand. Available in the Xero Marketplace, PayStand’s Xero plug-in allows Xero users to accept bank (ACH, Smart ACH/eCheck) and card (debit, credit) payments directly in sales orders and invoices.

This dramatically speeds up time to cash, automates accounting processes and lowers transaction costs.

To learn more about Xero integrations and other apps that connect with Xero, visit the Xero Marketplace.

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