Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Businesses in 2021

Jan 1st, 2021 | For Business

Goodbye 2020, hello 2021!

With the new year upon us we decided to ask our Director, Michael, for his advice on setting resolutions for business success for the new year.

His top five for 2021:

1. Make business planning a weekly event – after a tumultuous 2020, be ready for anything and weekly planning allows you to adapt frequently.

2. Join a new business organisation or networking group – find other like professionals that you can bounce ideas with and broaden your promotional networks.

3. Write down your business goals and track them – if you are truly committed to setting business goals then put them to paper so you can evaluate throughout the year.

4. Prepare a detailed 2022 budget which includes amounts to spend in growing your business.

5. Talk to us regularly about your business – as your business adapts in 2021 your relationship with your accountant and bookkeeper should change with you and based on your needs so don’t be a stranger and stay in touch.

If you have been a stranger of late and want to catch up, contact us today for an appointment and to discuss your business goals for 2021.

Nexis is here to help your business grow and stay ahead. 

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