Coming soon: updates to Xero’s business and partner edition pricing

Nexis would like to inform its’ clients of some updates coming to Xero’s business and partner edition pricing. From 23 September 2021, the cost of Xero Standard and Premium plans will increase in Australia (the price for Starter will remain the same): 

  • Standard by $2 per month
  • Premium by $3 per month
  • Premium 10 by $3 per month
  • Premium 20 by $8 per month
  • Premium 50 by $10 per month
  • Premium 100 by $11 per month

From 16 March 2022, the price of Xero Cashbook plans will increase in Australia (with the exception of Ledger): 

  • Non-GST Cashbook by $1 per month
  • GST Cashbook by $2 per month
  • Payroll Cashbook by $2 per month

You can find more information Xero’s website. 

As a growing cloud company, Xero invests in their products for customers who rely on Xero every day. 

Xero have made a range of updates to their platform of late, responding to partner and customer needs in areas like practice management, cash flow and payment tools, compliance and tax, and improved automation and security. This price change will allow for Xero to continue in creating new features and improve the Xero experience for clients, now and into the future. 

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