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Your accountant, business advisors and bookkeepers all under the one roof

Having accountants, business advisors and bookkeepers all under the one roof we can provide a complete suite of services to ensure your financial and accounting questions can be quickly responded to and that your bigger business goals are being considered by your outsourced accounts team at Nexis.

This drives better identification of tax concessions and means less paperwork at tax time because you are prepared all year round.

    Our Accounting and Bookkeeping services


      Budgets and Cashflow

      There’s no question, budget and cash flow are critical to your success.

      By taking a collaborative approach – utilising your own knowledge of your business, together with the experience and expertise of our team and your financial institution – we can help broker the smartest finance deals for your business.

      Measuring Performance and Forecasting

      At Nexis we combine our financial and accounting expertise with sound business advice to help you grow and anticipate changes in the market. Our tools and products help you identify the staffing, resources and infrastructure needed in the short and long term future for your business.

      Financial Reporting and Statements

      Financial statements can be hard to decipher. We turn complex financial statements into simple English and diagrams that are easy to understand. By doing that, you are fully informed and understand what the key drivers of your business are.

      Bookkeeping and Payroll

      We accommodate to various different models of bookkeeping and payroll across our client base, that we can adapt, as they grow or change their business and operational models. Our model is very flexible and we can provide as little or as much support as you need

      Industry Benchmarking

      Through our access to the largest databases and latest business benchmarking data in Australia, we develop a financial benchmarking report, which gives you a detailed overview of your industry.

      Accounting Software

      We provide advice on a range of accounting software products and ensure your software is set up correctly but find out why we and our clients love Xero and the benefits of our Xero Gold Champion Partner status.  

      Reporting for Not-for-Profits

      We prepare the appropriate reporting and educate you on how to comply with the Australian International Financial Reporting Standards (AIFRS).

      Outsourced CFO

      Most small and medium businesses do not have the capacity or the need to hire a full-time CFO, but they often need the advice and significant benefits that a CFO can bring.

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