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Has COVID-19 affected your business? You might benefit from crisis recovery planning with Nexis. 

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Australia as a whole has been majorly affected by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic as well as bushfires, flooding and unavoidable loss of business and revenue.  Throughout 2020, Nexis assisted hundreds of business clients with the Australian Government’s rollout of the JobKeeper program to help businesses survive the crisis. We believe that in a time of crisis, our accountants, bookkeepers and business advisors hold a great responsibility – to help you with your business needs including tax requirements, Government subsidies and business planning.

We extend an ongoing, open invitation to provide business assistance or simply lend an ear during your time of need. You can rely on Nexis for crisis recovery planning to keep your business on track, getting your documents filed on time and making the most of your accountant.

Throughout this crisis, we are keeping a close eye on all Government announcements (both local and federal) and provide regular updates about the relevant impacts that any changes may have on your business.

We keep you updated on:

• Cash flow implications and modelling the effects of downtime
• Prioritising creditors
• Government stimulus packages and changes to ATO requirements
• Crisis-reactive business mapping and planning guidance


We welcome any feedback during this process and encourage you to reach out for support, should we be able to assist you.

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