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Establish the true value of your business

The value of your business is important to you, and at Nexis we can show you how to make your business even more valuable.

By establishing the true value of your business, we can help increase your personal wealth and ensure you can afford the lifestyle you want now and into the future.

Why might you need to know the true value of your business?

The main reasons are due to:

  • partnership dissolution
  • family settlements
  • buying a business
  • selling your business
  • business planning
  • ownership changes
  • taxation purposes
  • situation changes
  • succession and estate planning

Nexis’ Business Valuation Assessment

Our Business Valuation Assessment process varies according to the size and nature of your business

In general, it follows a five-step process that assesses:

  • strength of the business’ various value drivers
  • exposure the business has to its various risks
  • ability of the business to access its surplus cash
  • and other ‘external’ factors such as interest rates and tax rates.

In general, the process includes:

  1. Interview with instructing party – the purpose of this is to establish the reason for the valuation and to advise the client of the most appropriate approach and methods required to achieve the best results.
  2. Business interview – after a full investigation, an understanding of the business is formed. This is where financial statements and other relevant documents and data is gathered.
  3. Analysing data collected – establish the level of profitability and observe internal/external influences and levels of risk associated with the business.
  4. Determine value of the business – based on all financial and operational information collected, and utilising several appropriate valuation methods, an accurate business value is established.
  5. Production of Business Valuation Assessment Report – a report is produced, outlining processes and justifications with the capacity for the report to be used for the intended purpose necessary by the client.

For more information or to discuss your own business valuation, get in touch with our friendly team to make an appointment.

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Get in touch with Nexis

Talk to our friendly team today about all your tax needs.

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